Research Activities in School

In addition to B.Tech.Programme, School of Electrical Engineering not only offers M.Tech programs with three nos, of Specialization i.e. Power Electronics and Drives, Power System Engineering, Power and Energy system but also Doctoral programme to cater to the ever challenging needs of technical excellence and current research in specialised avenues of Electrical Engineering. Based on area of interest in research of faculty members and students in the department, the three nos of Research Peer Group has been formed i.e. Power electronics and drive Group, Power system Group, Renewable Energy System Group. Each group is working on the defined thrust areas under leadership of two nos of senior faculty members. Interested Students of School of Electrical Engineering are properly guided by respective research group. The Department undertakes a continuous process of setting up experimental and computational facilities for taking up research and development and consultancy activities in various fields as also to produce state-of-the-art research output. Again, steps have been initiated by the School to explore the Innovative Ideas of students to “Start Up Company like Incubation Centre” for last two years. Such activity is excelled by a centre titled “Students Research and Innovation Centre” monitored by Peer Research Group.

Major Equipments

  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (Agilient Make)
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Techtronic)
  • DSP processor
  • Transmission Line-Demonstrator, d-space
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Three Phase Diode Clamped Multi Level Inverter
  • Different Protection Scheme of Alternator
  • Microcontroller based Negative Sequence Relay
  • High Voltage Oil Test Kit
  • Intelligent Controller
  • Power system Simulator (AC Network Analyzer)
  • Static VAR Compensator
  • Adaptive Power Factor Controller
  • Active and Reactive power control of an Alternator
  • Microcontroller Based IDMT/DMT Type Over Current Relay & Directional Relay
  • Solar PV Water Pumping Systems
  • Sun Tracking Solar Array (single/Two Axis)
  • Linear-parabolic concentrating collector
  • solar hot water systems
  • Evacuated tube collector
  • Wind Power Generator System
  • Solar PV Emulator
  • Pyrometer with Integral Sensor /Model-Mp100/Apogee(USA)
  • Ultraviolet Radiometer Model-MU100 Meter with Integral Sensor /Apogee USA
  • Solar Power Meter Taiwan
  • Model-TM-206
  • Solar Flat Plate Water Heating System

Software Available






DIGSILENT Power factory



Major Research Area of Different Research Groups

Renewable Energy Group

  • Distributed Generation and Micro-Grid.
  • Electric and Hybrid vehicle.
  • Grid Connected PV System.
  • Wind Energy Conversion System.
  • Energy control and Efficiency Improvement
  • DC Microgrid Control.Click edit button to change this text.

Power System Research Group

  • Distributed Generation allocation and sizing
  • Generation scheduling in deregulated power Market
  • Active and reactive power control
  • Design and optimum location of FACTs Controller
  • Power system stability and Control
  • Islanding Problems in Power system
  • Power Quality and Economics

Power Electronics and Drives Group

  • DC to DC converter topology
  • Multilevel Inverter
  • Z-Source Inverter: Matrix Converter
  • Switched Capacitor Converters
  • Interfacing with Renewable Sources: